The Ultimate System for Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting


- Fewer post-operative complications.
- Less post-operative pain for the patient.
- Shorter hospital stay.
- Improved cosmetic results
- Reduction of the size of the surgical incision.
- Uncompromised vessel quality.
- No difference in operating time.
particolare 1bisENDOSAFE
Safer for the patient
- Designed for maximum patient safety.
- No need for closed insufflation: lower or no risk of CO2 embolism.
- No risk of saphenous vein damage during vessel harvesting of the collateral vessels due to the special design of the manipulator.
particolare 2bisENDOEASY
Easier to use
- The Endoperfect system is very easy and simple to use.
- The Spacer device is designed to house the endoscopic instruments inside the operative channel which acts as a guide without the need for CO2 or manually lifting the instruments.
- Optic housing channel separated from the spacer.
- Smoke suction channel and lens washing channel to ensure the best possible visibility of the surgical field.
- 30° optics: decreased risk of soiling when compared to a 0° optic.


particolare 3bisENDOLOGIC
Higher efficiency at a lower cost
- Reduced costs:
- No need for specialized instrumentation.
- No need for expensive mono use optics or bipolar scalpels.
- Versatile: compatible with almost all currently available endoscopics devices.